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Our crackers contain all the things you'd expect to find in a real cracker...
a bad joke (but all in good taste)
a toy (an animated gif, a java applet or some music)
a party mask (that can be printed out and cut out)
there are over 5000 different combinations of cracker

To send a cracker simply...

1: Choose a cracker style
virtual crackers are available in a number of styles for different occasions
the style changes the page decoration and the sorts of toys and jokes in the cracker
if you would like a different style of cracker please select a style
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 Birthday    New Year (2025)    Valentine  
2: Choose a cracker design

?? take a chance ??

3: Fill in the following address details
To: (name and email address of the recipient)
From: (your name and email address)
4: Type your message to send with the cracker
5: Choose your cracker contents

If you want to choose the images at the top of the cracker pages press -

Your bad joke or motto will be chosen for you.
If you would like to choose it yourself press -

6: Please complete the following (this is to prevent automated spam 'bots')
7: Press the button below to send your cracker
If you want to send to several people at once, please press 'advanced' here
N.B. Apologies for the temporary problems we had at the virtual cracker factory. These have now been resolved and the 'advanced' cracker send is now available again :-)
virtual crackers are available in a growing number of styles
tell us what styles you would like to see
(birthdays, weddings, etc.)

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