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main fridge views

Full View
see your notes and magnets arranged on your fridge door, drag notes and pictures around the screen, create new notes. When you select a note, picture or magnet, it appears in the information strip on the left hand side of the screen. From there you can choose to edit or remove it.
This is the best way to see your fridges unless you have an older browser (version 3 or earlier).
List View
notes are laid out in columns. In this mode you can addm, remove and edit notes, but not add magnets on their own as magnets without notes or pictures attached are not displayed in this mode. You can choose between 1, 2 or 3 columns of notes. If you upload a large picture a small version will appear in the list, but you can click the picture to see it full size. A miniture of the full view of your fridge appears in the information strip on the left of the screen.

seeing the fridge layout on older browsers

Image View
use this view to arrange the notes on your fridge, add/edit notes, pictures and individual magnets. You can scroll around the view using the scroll bars and select notes by clicking them. The selected note appears in the information strip on the left of the screen.
Painter View
for rapidly adding magnets on their own. you select a magnet and then click on the fridge (after a redraw) the magnet appears where you clicked. You cannot add/edit notes/pictures in this mode - it is solely to 'decorate' the fridge. As the redraw takes a while, it is possible to do additional click-magnet-click-fridge cycles even while it is redrawing and the multiple magnets all appear (although you won't see the new magnets until the screen redraws). This view is for rapidly adding magnets to decorate the fridge, you cannot move or remvoe magients in this view, or add notes or picture. To do this use Image view.


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